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Noel Kileo - Monday, October 01, 2018

Before you start trekking, you will meet with your head guide for the first briefing session of your tour. This will be the first of many briefings to take place during this tour. The duration of the briefing session is approximately one hour.

The first briefing session involves the following:

You will introduce yourself/yourselves to the guide, and the guide will introduce himself. The guide will normally be accompanied by the travel consultant you have been in contact with during your pre and post booking period. Note that you won’t be introduced to the whole support crew. The support crew will be introduced in your second campsite briefing on the mountain.

2. Go through the itinerary:

Our guide will go a little deeper into the activities during the itinerary, what you should expect to see, daily routines like eating, resting, etc.

You will also be briefed on your registration to enter the Kilimanjaro national park.

The guide will also explain various things worth noting like safety precautions, how you will walk, the weather, topography, how long each walk is expected to take, the altitude you will be expected to gain, etc.
Most of these things will be explained again before you leave each camp.


3. Questions and answers

You will get the opportunity to ask questions to the guide, and he will happily answer you.

4. Other matters of importance:
The guide may also explain other matters to you as he sees fit. For example, he may explain about your day pack content, things like how many snacks you should carry.
You will also be notified of the approximate number of support crew members.


5. Equipment checkup:

You will be asked to bring the gear you have for the hike. The guide will take a look at your gear to determine if it’s suitable for the hike and advise you accordingly. If you have any shortage of gear or some items do not meet the standard for the Kilimanjaro weather, the guide will let you know and help you to arrange the rental of the correct equipment.

What's next?

We can’t wait to have you here for your Kilimanjaro trek. Check our Kilimanjaro trekking groups dates here, and contact us via info@ahsantetours.com

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