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Noel Kileo - Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Ahsante Scenic Flights is an easy way to experience an attraction from the air. Imagine, viewing the Glacier and crater of Kilimanjaro in 20 minutes.
But why are people not doing scenic flights?
You see, most airlines businesses focus on commuting and renting the whole aeroplane leaving sightseeing flights expensive and unavailable because they are not economically viable to sell the experience per seat.

The solution to not so many people doing scenic flights

We are on a mission to make sightseeing flights affordable, available and enjoyable to the public because not everyone has the time, fitness level or the money to experience some tours or rent the whole plane for that reason.

Ahsante Scenic Flights are up to 75% cheaper than booking directly with an Airline.

How do we do affordable scenic flights?
We partner with airlines and schedule daily departures for unique flying experience whilst partnering with Hotels, Tour operators, Travel agencies and Online travel platforms who book through our online marketplace to have the largest volume making the sightseeing experience cheaper and economically viable to all.

Why choose us for your next scenic flight?
For the airline, we extend your operations with sightseeing flights saving you money, increase revenues and maximizing your utility.

For the customer, you get more unique flying experiences to choose from, at the best price, giving you more time for other experiences from a vetted and reputable airliner.

Expertise, our team includes pilots who have executed the sightseeing flights with several planes

Why Fly to Mount Kilimanjaro

As one of the world heritage sites, climbing Kilimanjaro hardly does it justice but then again, Now you can experience it at a vantage point. At 21,000ft, you can spot the eye-catching volcanic peaks and towering glaciers that have existed over 197,000 years.

Flight Pickup & Dropoff during the scenic flights
We shall be flying from Arusha Airport to Mount Kilimanjaro and back to Arusha Airport.

Flight Duration:

Approximately 40-50 mins Check in Arrive at the airport terminal 30 minutes prior to departure for check-in. Departure & Arrival Arusha Airport Aircraft details: State of Art Grand Caravan EX operated by Northern Air Every passenger will have a window seat

When Ahsante Scenic Flights will start

3 weekly departures from June 2019

Price of Ahsante Scenic Flights

$490 per person per seat

If you are an agent or a customer and would like to get more information about this please send us an email on scenicflight@ahsantetours.com


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