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and Enviornment


While providing awesome, safe adventures to guests is our #1 priority, a very important part of the Ahsante Vision is giving back to the community and country that has helped nurture us. They say that “charity begins at home,” and as a family-run business, we are firm believers in that.

Since we first founded Ahsante Tours, we’ve always worked very hard to design tours and adventures that were unique, safe, and environmentally and socially responsible. But we felt like we could do more. So, we started getting directly involved with several campaigns and projects throughout Tanzania. You can read more details about the last decade of our work with these amazing programs below.


Jipe Dispensary which was built by Ahsante Tours as one of our community outreach projects focused on healthcare. The dispensary runs on solar power. This is the only dispensary in the Jipe village which caters to over 800 villagers. This project was only made possible thanks to the support from all our clients and business partners. We thank you all for your continued support of our community outreach projects.


Education is the foundation of a free, healthy life, and we are focused on making sure that the children of Kilimanjaro region receive the best educational experience as possible. We take personal initiative to scout schools around the area that need help with staffing, construction, sanitation, supplies, renovation and more. Then, we coordinate directly with overseas charities to bring improvement to those schools.

Over the past 8 years, we’ve helped renovate over 20 primary schools in Tanzania with the coordination of World Challenge UK, True Adventure UK, Incredible Journeys Travel Inc and Calgary Academy. For their help, we are extremely grateful, and we always look forward to doing more of this work and improving the lives of children in our communities.


In 2015 alone, the World Health Organization reported that were 214 million cases of malaria and 430,000 deaths. This life-threatening disease is a serious health risk and burden here in Africa. Ahsante Tours tries to pitch in as much as we can to help spread awareness about prevention and treatment, as well as provide resources to those affected by the disease. We work with EXPLORE on a “Say No to Malaria” campaign.

The primary function of this campaign is donating mosquito nets to various NGOs in the Kilimanjaro region throughout the last year, including Light in Africa and Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need (KYGN). Light in Africa cares for sick, abandoned and handicapped children in Africa and is located in Boma Ng-ombe - an area with one of the highest incidences of Malaria in Northern Tanzania. KYGN is a Tanzanian-based nonprofit dedicated to helping young girls achieve better futures in the villages of Moshi and Mabogini.

You can learn more about their missions at these links:




Hiring locally is a huge deal for us. We employ over 600 people, 80% of whom are natives to the Kilimanjaro region. This ensures that money generated from our activities stays in the local community to benefit its economy and residents. We shop at local markets (which are the best anyways!) and stay at locally-owned hotels and campsites.

As such a large employer, maintaining top-notch working conditions is also a big part of our employee empowerment initiative. Employees are treated fairly and given the chance to gain experience in a fun, safe environment while becoming educated on how to provide exceptional tours.


Tree Planting Projects

In addition to giving great attention to Human Resources, we treat all of our Natural Resources with fairness and respect too. For over a decade, Ahsante Tours has been actively involved with several tree-planting initiatives throughout the Kilimanjaro region, working with organizations such as Born to Learn and Kiviwama to plant trees in our area. We also take part in the Tree Planting Moshi Day every year, which helps to conserve the environment in our home and inspire youth to become active in conservation efforts. As a result, over the last 10 years we have helped to plant over 10,000 trees in the Kilimanjaro region.


Ahsante Tours launched its very own clean up campaign 5 years ago - the “Keep Kili Clean” Initiative. This land is not only our home, but our livelihood, and keeping it beautiful and clean means a lot to us.

Every year in April and May during our low season, we devote hundreds of our porters, guides and managers to go through all of our different mountain routes to clean up any rubbish left behind by various tour groups throughout the last season. This helps to clean up our environment and increases tour satisfaction in the Kilimanjaro region.

Environment Certificates

National Environmental Clean Up Campaign

Tree Planting Marathon Campaign 2016

Kilimanjaro Cleanliness Campaign Certificate