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Why Cycle with Ahsante

Ahsante Tours

Why Cycle with Ahsante Tours?


For over 5 years, we have been working with some of the biggest adventure travel companies in the world in organizing amazing cycling challenges across Tanzania and Kenya. We are the leading Tanzanian outfitter of large scale charity, corporate, private group as well as small individual cycling challenges.


Cycling Gear

We own and operate some of the best bikes and cycling equipment. We have a fleet of 80 TREK Mountain HardTail 4300 & Merida Matts 20D mountain bikes and their spare parts, which we include in our cycling challenges.


Excellent Support Crew

We have a highly trained and experienced support crew who accompany the cyclists throughout the tour. The support crew is highly efficient in fixing various bike problems in record time therefore allowing for a smooth ride for the cyclists each day.



Our cycling challenges take you across some of the most amazing places in Tanzania and Kenya, covering a wide range of terrains. From lush, green forests to dry bush lands, remote villages to bustling towns and from lakeside shores to plantations. Cycle through undulating plains and traverse the beautiful country side through maize, coffee and barley fields.



There's a lot more to our cycling tours than just cycling. We have a range of activities which our clients can engage in to ensure they have a memorable holiday experience. 


Community Development

Giving back to the community has always been an essential tenet to Ahsante vision and we strive to incorporate this in all our tours. During our cycling challenges, we camp at local primary school football fields, therefore ensuring that the camping fees we pay go directly to the schools.