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"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves"

-Sir Edmund Hillary

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Mountain Climbing


As Tanzania’s landmark, Kilimanjaro towers over the surrounding African plains. Not only is Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa, it is the highest freestanding mountain in the world (5,895 meters/ 19,341 ft). It is also the highest mountain that can be climbed without technical equipment and climbing skills. For the most part, it takes just putting one foot in front of the other. Although this sounds simple, it is most likely the toughest challenge you will ever face. 

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Mawenzi Peak one of the three distinct peaks and the second highest peak on Kilimanjaro. The rugged peak of Mawenzi (5,149m / 16,893ft) lies to the east. The volcano known as Mawenzi formed as a result of an eruption within the Shira caldera. The top of its western face is fairly steep with many crags, pinnacles and dyke swarms. Its eastern side falls in cliffs over 1,000 m high in a complex of gullies and rock faces, rising above two deep gorges. Given it’s rugged terrain, Mawenzi is a technical climb requiring technical climbing gear such as helmets, ropes, carabiners, harnesses, etc.

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Mt. Meru which is Tanzania’s second highest mountain standing tall at 4,566m. It is located in Arusha National Park and offers some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife diversity of any mountain in Tanzania. Climbers are accompanied by an armed ranger due to the abundance of wildlife on the lower slopes. Mt. Meru also has some historical significance to it whereby some have suggested that it was the resting place of Noah’s Ark when it came to rest after the biblical flood receded.

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