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Tipping Guidelines

The basic tip amount for each crew member from your group & not per individual climber:


Guide:           $100 – $120 PER TRIP

Cook:            $80 – $100 PER TRIP

Asst. Guide:  $70 – $90 PER TRIP

Porter:           $40 – $60 PER TRIP


The standard client to mountain crew ratio is 1:4


The ratio means each client will be accompanied by 4 crew members. This ratio may increase depending on extra matters such as extra luggage, portable toilet requirement etc.

Climbers should know the number of crew members that will be assisting them from information obtained during the pre-climb briefing. This way the number of tips can be prepared beforehand. We encourage you to meet your crew at your 1st campsite to make sure you have the number that was promised. You can write a list with your crew members’ names and refer to this list at the end of the climb when you give their tips.


Tips should be provided to crew members at the end of the trek at the Ahsante Tours office in Moshi town and not on the mountain. Tips can be placed in individual envelopes and the climbers hand them directly to each crew member. We highly recommend tipping each crew member directly to ensure full transparency is observed.


Kindly note the above figures are merely recommended amounts that will help give you an indication of the amount and breakdown of tips provided to the mountain crews. Ultimately the amount of tips provided to the mountain crews will depend on your budget and level of satisfaction with our crew’s service.